HTML code for "Link Exchange Request" form

The "Link Exchange Request" form is an important tool for any website!
Most of the web rather resembles black holes that cannot be seen and from where there is no escape, because they do not have links - neither incoming links nor outgoing links. Incoming links have two functions. Firstly, links produce traffic. If your link is shown on thematically related sites, there is a good chance that visitors to these sites will find your link interesting and want to visit your site too. Secondly, each incoming link is a vote for your site. After all, the other webmaster has reviewed your site and found that it is of sufficient quality to be listed on his site. This vote forms the basis for some search engines that base their ranking of sites in their results on exactly these votes. The number and quality of these votes represent what is referred to as "Link Popularity".

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The form is completely customizable!
JavaScript validates required fields; plus there is a verification on the server-side.
Captcha image protects the form against SPAM.
Captcha image can be reloaded.
There are many styles of Captcha image available.