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Case Study: BBQ Club Local Event Organization

Bob's barbeque club was held twice a month in a different member's backyard. There was a lot of people to organize and information to gather. Bob needed to know the number of attendees, parking and dietary needs to ensure a smooth day. Bob was stressed out gathering all the required info before events and when he couldn't, it was hard to keep people happy.

How SnapSnips™ Helped Make a Successful Day

Bob used SnapSnips to add a custom registration form on his website. It took him around 10 minutes to copy and paste the code snippet in the right place and add the fields he wanted.

He asked members of the barbecue club to register on the site using the form and fill out the customized fields. This allowed him to:

  • Get a clear idea of attendees and parking needs
  • Understand alcohol and food preferences
  • Send out email notifications to keep everyone up-to-date

Because of the email service, whenever Bob needed to update people, he could just send out a quick email and await responses. The barbecues had never run smoother.