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Case Study: A Bed & Breakfast Keeps Busy

Jason is the owner of a large bed-and-breakfast. Though he has a website, Jason was concerned it wasn't doing enough to keep his guests coming back and win him return business. With rooms empty and a competitive market to fight against, Jason was looking for a solution.

How SnapSnips™ Helped Keep Jason's Rooms Occupied

Jason added the SnapSnips registration form to his site so he could gather contact details of new and existing guests. He offered a discount to encourage people to register and this quickly created a sizeable list of existing and potential customers.

Adding SnapSnips to the website took just 5 minutes using a simple copy-and-paste a few lines of code to the webpage. Using the SnapSnips mass emailing feature, Jason easily grew trusting relationships with his customers and many more people came back to stay more regularly. Jason also saw the following benefits:

  • Adding a custom field in the registration form for suggestions, allowing him to improve his business
  • All registered customers had the ability to log in and change their contact information
  • Jason offered some private information to his customers by using SnapSnips secure pages

In less than 15 minutes, Jason made his website a much more effective tool for generating and growing his business.