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Case Study: Wedding Organization Made Easy with SnapSnips™

Your wedding is likely to be one of the most exciting, nerve racking and organizationally challenging days of your life. SnapHost™ clients Colin and Christina were understandably nervous. Many friends of friends were attending, so they didn't know a lot of the guests directly, making planning even harder. As if the rain wasn't enough to worry about.

How a Quick Copy & Paste Solved Everything

It was difficult, because all of their guests could see the website, but Christina and Colin could not communicate with them on an individual basis. The bride and groom were no web designers, but when they discovered the SnapSnips service, they quickly signed up and copied and pasted the 4 lines of code into the correct place as per the clearly laid-out instructions. Immediately, they'd implemented the SnapHost Member and Event Registration service, a feature which allowed guests to:

  • Sign into the website and input their email and contact info
  • Update their needs for parking, seating, dietary and all other requirements
  • Receive email updates from the couple
  • Gain access to the restricted areas which would soon show photos

Making the event planning and guest communication infinitely easier took less than 10 minutes. All of the guests were taken care of accordingly, and the sun even decided to bless their special day with its presence.