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This is a ready-to-use Guestbook which blocks SPAM.
To start using it on your website, create an account and paste our code into your HTML page - the Guestbook will start working immediately!

What makes ProCaptcha Guestbook unique?

  • No programming skills needed to add the Guestbook to your website; copy and paste is all it takes!
  • The Guestbook supports multiple languages!
  • It is protected by Captcha image - no robots, no spam allowed!
  • Posts can be effortlessly edited or removed with just a few clicks!
  • The Guestbook is compatible with all computer operating systems!
  • It is customizable - you can easily add your own fields, change titles and alter styles!
  • The Guestbook script automatically provides paging so your page will not be overloaded with content!
  • We have many styles that you can use. Or you may easily create your own style with CSS.

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What is Guestbook?

An online guestbook is a page or few pages where visitors can leave remarks about a website, services and a company.
Other visitors can read the feedback left by previous clients and customers. If the feedback is positive, it can serve as an inexpensive and simple way to market the goods or services.
What is Guestbook spam?

Almost everybody running an online guestbook is aware of spambots frequently adding bogus entries, pointing to their sites. Guestbook spam is an advertising message that spambots submit in your guestbook. Spammers submit the same message with the link to their website in numerous guestbooks hoping for some clicks and links indexed by search engines. You can recognize spam by completely irrelevant, general or promotion messages always accompanied by URL of a website.
Our Guestbook script is protected by Captcha so spambots cannot submit their advertising messages.
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