ProCaptcha Repeater

Live DEMO 1. Repeater as a Catalog of products for sale - corresponding form.

Live DEMO 2. Repeater as a Guestbook with picture uploads - corresponding form.

Repeater displays web form submissions on a webpage. Here are a few ideas how the Repeater can be used:

  • Guestbook. It can contain uploaded by visitors pictures, links, etc.
  • Portfolio with pictures and links
  • Products for sale (with PayPal buttons, pictures, links, etc.)
  • Accommodation rental offers (with pictures, description, etc.)
  • Wedding guest list (with photos, etc.)
  • Clients or subscribers list
  • Hairstyle catalogue
  • Food menu
  • Movie list

We tried to make the Repeater as multipurpose and flexible as possible. Your specific requirements will help to come up with new ideas!

Repeater can display form submissions of any web form as long as the form is using ProCaptcha processor. Create a ProCaptcha account by clicking the button below.

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