Ready-to-use script for collecting and displaying Testimonials

This is a ready-to-use script which collects your customers' testimonials and automatically displays them on your website.

LIVE DEMO of the ProCaptcha Testimonials.

Example of the Testimonials script

To start using it on your website, create an account and paste our code into your HTML page - no server installation needed and you will be able to edit testimonials without coding.
This script can also work as a Message Board.

What makes ProCaptcha Testimonials script unique?

  • No programming skills needed; just copy and paste our code into your HTML page!
  • Testimonials script supports multiple languages!
  • It is protected by Captcha image - no robots, no spam allowed!
  • Testimonials can be effortlessly edited or removed with just a few clicks!
  • The Testimonials script is compatible with all computer operating systems!
  • It is customizable - you can easily add your own fields, change titles and alter styles!
  • The Testimonials script automatically provides paging so your page will not be overloaded with content!
  • We have many styles that you can use. Or you may easily create your own style.
  • This script can be used as a Message Board.

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Are Testimonials important?

Testimonials help your potential customer build trust in you. They can help to establish credibility especially if you are a new company. People will feel less skeptical about purchasing your products/services when they see "good" feedback from previous buyers.

Testimonials should highlight the benefits of your product/service and include the customers contact information or their website address. It's a common thought that many testimonials that you read on the web are fake. Including the customers contact information makes the testimonials more believable. All of your testimonials should be specific and talk about your products. A generic sounding testimonial like "The product is great, I liked it very much" really serves no purpose at all other than filling up space on your website.

If you do decide to use testimonials on your website just remember to use honest comments from real customers. Using anything else in the long run risks permanently damaging your reputation.