HTML code for "Credit Card Payment" forms

If you are selling things on the Internet, then you don't really have much choice but to accept credit cards.

Credit Card Payment HTML forms allow you to accept your customers credit cards online.
Pictures below show ProCaptcha Credit Card form and ProCaptcha Credit Card form with shipping and billing information.

  • These HTML forms are completely customizable!
  • Credit Card information is protected from interception by SSL.
  • JavaScript validates required fields; plus there is a verification on the server-side.
  • Captcha images protect these Credit Card forms against SPAM.
  • Captcha image can be reloaded.

Credit Card HTML forms are available to ProCaptcha customers only. To start using these forms you need to create an account:

Picture 1. Credit Card Payment form:
Credit Card Payment form

Picture 2. Credit Card Payment form with billing and shipping info:
Credit Card Payment form with billing and shipping info