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I do want to thank you for that script! I had this AWFUL bot that was spamming me EVERY 20 minutes all day and night for the past 6-7 days. And I had to open every single form submission just in case it was someone wanting voice or piano lessons. I finally can wake up now, open my email and not have to worry about it! You are a sanity saver!!!
Evan Marie Dozier-Stefanuk
Soprano Vocalist, Voice & Piano Teacher
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I am writing to say that we couldn't be more pleased with the Captcha Script you folks have provided. We were getting inundated with hundreds of spam email solicitations and didn't know what to do. Filtering through the junk emails was becoming a very time intensive daily chore. Since we've installed your Captcha script two months ago, we have not had ANY spam email whatsoever - problem solved! Thank you for a job well done!
Eric Day
Owner, Berkeley Springs Cabin Rental
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THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! I almost didn't try your captcha solution. It looked TOO simple. It worked perfectly! Thanks Again!
Erik Kullenberg

Oh my god, I am sooooo happy! I have spent about two hours looking for script to compliment asp and every one came with a bunch of files, most too confusing and I was almost ready to give up when I stumbled across your site. IT WORKS, and with the greatest of ease. I was receiving so much spam for over a year now, and someone recommended captcha and this is where my two hour journey began. I can't express enough how happy I am to be using your services.
Reva Steenbergen
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I searched for a long time for a CAPTCHA script that was effective but simple to install and use. I luckily found the one provided by SnapHost on seaching Google. It was so simple to use and was installed in minutes. The effect was to almost entirely rid my site of Spam. Thank you SnapHost for sharing the script with us. Keep up the good work.
Denys A

It may be too early to declare total victory, but it seems that the SnapHost Captcha has reduced the spam from the contact page of our website. Before installing the Captcha we were getting one to ten obscene emails a week; it is now about two weeks after installing the Captcha, and we have not received any spam.
Moritz Farbstein
Citizens Commission on Human Rights® of St. Louis, Inc
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"Huston we have a problem". Snaphost Captcha took my sky rocket spam, about 50/hour into absolute zero! Using Captcha verification I can focus with helping people with their SEO problems and not with spam*ers.
Martin Rotstain
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I have installed Catcha scripts in the website Feedback form and Top Ten Sites submission form on the Pathways to Philosophy web site www.philosophypathways.com. The system looks good, works flawlessly and saves me from having to delete mountains of spam. The best point in its favour is ease of installation. I had the pages up and running in a couple of minutes. All the best!
Geoffrey Klempner
Director of Studies
Pathways School of Philosophy
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We recently installed SnapHost's Captcha to our website and are delighted that it works! Previous to Captcha, we were received 100's of spam signups, now we receive none. Thanks for a great product!
Cindy Downes
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Thanks for this great script, it saves me hours and decreased the amount of spam incredibly. The team helped me to implement an even more secure Captcha and I can say that team made an amazing job, their answers where fast, professional service, I really recommend them to everyone. Again, thanks for your help and your product.
Philippe Richir
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This script is easy to set up but more importantly it works. As a business advisor I will be encouraging my customers to use Snaphost software.
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After implementing the Captcha feature on my web site I have noticed a significant decrease in spam email messages. It is a big advantage to read your email without deleting so much unwanted messages. Users have adopted this feature and congratulated me on the ease of use.
Alexander Ponce

I setup an autoresponder and within 2 days I was getting tons of spam. I searched for a captcha that was easy for me to read, but would stop the spam. SnapHost.com was the cleanest and most well organized site to figure out how to set up the captcha. It works great. Thank you!
Richard Cadway
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The SnapHost's Captcha code is working wonders. I have used it now on several homepages I made, and will use it again. The spam received before, seemes to be long gone.
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After installing the Captcha script from SnapHost.com we only get genuine enquires for jukeboxes, our inbox is full of genuine people wanting information from us not people trying to sell us something that we don't need. Thanks SnapHost.com
From the Team at 0800JUKEBOX
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I would like to thank you for making this script available and saving me literally hundreds of hours deleting spam posts to both our website and our email form. It was getting out of control and since I have used your script, I haven't had to delete even one! Blessings to you and the animals. Thank you!
Eileen Craddock
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