What is ProCaptcha™?

ProCaptcha™ is a multifunctional, secure and reliable form processor designed to protect online forms from spam and deliver data safely to your specified email addresses and online database.

ProCaptcha can be attached to any online form. In addition, there are many ready-to-use HTML forms for you to choose from. No technical skills are needed as a quick "copy-and-paste" does the job for you.

This video shows how to add an online form to a webpage.


Anti-Spam Secure Form with Captcha
Contact Us HTML form
Extended Credit Card form
Newsletter Subscription form
Tell-a-Friend referral form
Employment Application form
Extended Contact Us form
File Upload form
Credit Card Payment form
Sign Up HTML form
Link Exchange Request form

So what exactly can ProCaptcha do?

Protection from Spambots by Captcha image

Protection against Spambots by Captcha image

Form Spam is an ever growing problem. Spambots (spam-generating robots) scan websites to discover unprotected HTML forms. They fill out forms with an advertisement of drugs, adult websites and other garbage. ProCaptcha offers Captcha images with different levels of protection and Spambots cannot read the Captcha code.

File upload

File Upload functionality

You can receive documents from your customers via ProCaptcha's File Upload form. Your customers can upload pictures, PDF documents, MS Word documents or other file types.
The upload functionality can be added to your existing form. We also offer a ready-to-use form designed exclusively for uploading files.

Multiple email recipients

Multiple email recipients

ProCaptcha can send form data to up to 48 email addresses. To add, edit or delete email addresses, you just need to log in to your account and simply type your emails into the text fields. You don't need to change any HTML code on your website.
If required, you can send only part of the form data to some email addresses, while other email addresses can receive a complete form submission. You can easily choose where to send your different form information when it's filled in.

Well-formatted email messages

Well formatted email messages

ProCaptcha can send email messages in HTML or plain text. Any HTML code can be used as a template for email messages. This allows unlimited creativity when displaying submitted data, making it clear to read and easy to understand..

Email address protection from harvesting

Email address protection from harvesting

Every second, thousands of bots go from site to site and scan HTML codes. If you keep your email address in your website's HTML code, bots will find it and sell it together with millions of others. You'll be added to mailing lists without your permission and become a target for all kinds of scams and email spam. ProCaptcha protects your email addresses from harvesting and attacks.

Customizable email message and Captcha image

Customizable email message and Captcha image

ProCaptcha allows you to add your text in the header and footer of the message. You can remove the advertisement label from the Captcha image. You can also choose a Captcha image style or order your own custom Captcha design.

Form autoresponder

Form Autoresponder

With ProCaptcha you can turn on a form Autoresponder. Once a person submits your HTML form, the Autoresponder will send a message. It can be used for providing reassurance that the form submission has been received, indicating your response time, advising what to do next, providing a discount coupon code and more.

Tell-a-friend referral form

Tell a Friend Referral Form

One of the ProCaptcha services is a Tell a Friend referral form. This pre-designed form makes it easy for your visitors and regular customers to refer you to others. It's considered one of the best marketing tools available because it doesn't consume any resources and it works by itself without constant effort on your part.

Guestbook script

Guestbook Script

Almost anyone running an online guestbook is aware of spambots frequently adding bogus entries which point towards their scam websites. Guestbook spam is an advertising message that spambots submit in your guestbook. Spammers submit the same message with the link to their site in numerous guestbooks, hoping for some clicks and links indexed by search engines. You can recognize spam by completely irrelevant, general or promotion messages which are always accompanied by the URL of a website.
ProCaptcha Guestbook is protected from spambots.

Testimonials script

Testimonials Script

Testimonials help your potential customer build trust in your company, especially if your company is new. People will feel less skeptical about purchasing your products/services when they see good feedback from previous buyers. ProCaptcha Testimonials Script collects your customers' testimonials and automatically displays them on your website.

News section (Newswriter script)

News Section (Newswriter Script)

The main purpose of a website's News Section is to give your visitors quick information about news from your company or website. ProCaptcha allows setting up your News section in just a few minutes. Just copy our code and place it where you want your news to appear.

Online access to submitted data

Online access to submitted data

All the form submissions are stored in a database where you can access them anytime. You can simply edit or delete submissions using your browser.
If you lose your email address (for example, if you lost your corresponding domain name) or have a temporary problem with your email account, the data is not lost and is still available for your use.
The submitted data is encrypted using SSL during the transfer to your browser, so no one can intercept your information. This is a major advantage over email messaging as in most cases email can be read by a third-party. ProCaptcha allows you to turn off the form-to-email functionality, leaving only form-to-database encrypted transfers.

Ability to redirect to another script for further processing

Redirect info to another script for further processing

This is a very useful feature for those who already have a form processing script and want to add Captcha verification while keeping the existing script.
Suppose you have a script that will write into your text file and you want a Captcha verification to avoid spam. Our ProCaptcha will protect you from spam and redirect the form to your existing script.

Data encryption during website-to-server transfer

Data encryption during website-to-server transfer

ProCaptcha allows submitting your form data via HTTPS protocol. HTTPS is used for secure ecommerce transactions, such as online banking. The information your customers provide is securely transmitted and not accessible for anyone to view.
An SSL Digital Certificate is installed on our server. All you need to do is change "http" to "https" (notice the inclusion of the letter "s") in your <form> tag.

Data encryption during server-to-local computer transfer

Data encryption during server-to-local computer transfer

When browsing your form submissions with your browser, the data is encrypted using SSL, so no one can intercept your information.
This is a big advantage over email messaging as in most cases email can be read by a third-party.
Access sensitive information via your browser, save it to your local computer and delete data from the server if required. This way you will be protected from data theft.

Simplified implementation and management

Simplified implementation and management

ProCaptcha is set up mostly in the post-login area. Clicking on checkboxes will turn on or off the corresponding functionality. The changes will be instantly applied to your form.
For example, if you want your form to play the role of Autoresponder, you simply click on a checkbox and type the message which will then be sent automatically to your visitors.

Ability to download data in XML or CSV format

Ability to download data in XML or CSV format

ProCaptcha allows you to convert your form submissions to XML or CSV format.
How can XML be used?
XML simplifies data sharing. In the real world, computer systems and databases contain data in incompatible formats. XML data is stored in a plain text format. This provides a way to store data which is independent of various software and hardware. The result is data which is easily shared by different applications or systems.
How can CSV be used?
CSV files are often used as a simple way to transfer a large volume of spreadsheet or database information between programs, without worrying about special file types.

Support priority

Priority Support

Because we care about your business, ProCaptcha clients receive priority over any other support requests.