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We fix your website quickly and efficiently!

Amature site owners often spend days (!) trying to deal with programming issues. Frustrated, they abandon otherwise great ideas.
All they really need is a little help. In 9 out of 10 cases it takes us under 5 minutes to pinpoint the problem and to plan a fix.

What do you need fixed? Let us offer an estimation.

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A few words from our clients

Thank you Oleg, You are my savior. I have been staring at the script so long my eyes were crossed. Java is just something like Russian to me - Я не понимаю. ... all done, and no errors. Made my day. Take care, keep up good work. My best regards as always!

Custom Knives & Services

What a hero you are, iv spent weeks trying to sort this. Your sugestion worked first time, exactly as i wanted it.

L. W.
All Car Electrics

You are indeed my Yoda! Thank you Oleg. Works perfectly... I knew you would have the answer - you're a genius!

Caintech Installation

THANK YOU! File received and uploaded. All is working perfectly. Appreciate your taking the time to do this despite your compressed schedule!

The Grill on Ocean Avenue. A division of Carmel Preferred Restaurant Group.

Thank you! That works great. I really appreciate your help. I am very happy with your services and support that I will continue to recommend snaphost to other areas of the college! Cheers.

Lansing Community College

Anyone who is trying to start a website from scratch (as by using NotePad++, for instance), who has limited knowledge of the process, is going to run into problems - a lot of them. Many of these problems can be solved if the writer spends a great deal of time searching for solutions on the Internet. Yet he will find that some of those solutions may be contradictory and some won't even work at all. And with other problems, the writer may simply not be able to find any answers at all. So, obviously, one will need help. In one's community, website experts can be found, and their services may be hired. But the writer will find that he will spend a great deal of money for seemingly limited help. Most professional website builders are vastly overpriced. However, if one is fortunate enough to find someone like Oleg Eremenko to work on his website, he will find that it is not necessary to spend a fortune to get some effective help. Oleg's rates are very reasonable and, being a software engineer, his knowledge is quite extensive. And beyond that, he is very ethical and trustworthy in his dealings. One can buy a half-hour of his time and then send him numerous emails asking questions, and he will answer them promptly and continue the process until the time is used up. He can also work directly on the website and even optimize it so that it can get better rankings on search engines (like Google). Oleg has an excellent attitude and is always very courteous. So, I do, personally, recommend him to anyone who needs help in building a website. He can be an asset to anyone struggling to break into the vastness of the world of the Internet and to be discovered by that realm.

Gary Graff of ChristianControversy.Com

It worked brilliantly, thank you! A lot of steps but now that I know, I will use this again as needed. Thank you for your help!


Oleg - you are a genius!! That is what the problem was... Thank you so much for your help!!

The Tile Mural Store

Thank you! Great answer. I tried the code at the site your recommended and it worked first time. Excellent!

Ohm Lad Music

Hi Oleg, thank you so much you are a genius! Thanks

Absolutely Kittens

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Consecutive 30 min - $40US
1 hour - $70US
2+ hours - $65US per hour
Long term and repeated order discounts are available.

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