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Sending and receiving files without email provides an online Shelf for sharing files within a group of people.

No software to install! No staff training required!

Send and receive files

Technically, the Shelf is an FTP server. It allows you to create multiple users and folders.
Users can send and receive files to/from folders. You can manage permissions so your users will access only certain folders. The management is done via Control Panel.

To share files just drag and drop them using your File Manager such as Windows Explorer. You can also use any FTP software or our Control Panel to do this.

  • Do you find it difficult to send large attachments to your friends / co-workers?
  • Do your friends or co-workers ask you to re-send files because they haven't received them?
  • Do you find the receiver's email removing your attachments as SPAM?
  • Do your email attachments get undelivered because receiver's email box is full?
  • Do you find it difficult to keep track of multiple files or folders when sharing them via email?
  • Do you find yourself constantly sending multiple attachments to the same person?
  • Do you always need to check the valid attachment size of your email and the receiver's email?
  • Do you always end up walking across the hallway to hand over files in a USB key to a co-worker?

If your answer to even one of the above questions is Yes, online Shelf is the right solution for you.

With the Shelf you will find a smoother, easier, faster, and more secure infrastructure for multiple users to collaborate!

  • Share multiple files / folders with friends and co-workers over the Internet.
  • Avoid sending multiple emails to share a set of files.
  • Avoid SPAM filters.
  • Avoid email size blockers and full email boxes.
  • Organize data on the Online Shelf as folders, sub-folders and files.
  • Create multiple users and give them access to specific folders.
  • Share all file-types. (Email SPAM blockers remove .bat, .scr, .exe, and .chm thinking it is a virus!)

A nice surprise!

You can run a website from your Shelf at no extra cost! But wait... you can run as many websites as you want! Isn't it a money saver?! Upload your websites to your Shelf and point your domain names to it. Control Panel will help managing it.


Monthly Bandwidth - 50GB
Disk Space - 20GB

This is more than most will ever need, however if you reach your limit, it's easy to upgrade.