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Case Study: eCommerce Company Improves Profits

Nina is the owner of a small e-commerce company. Larger companies are making the market a difficult one to be successful in. Nina had some customer's emails from when she made sales, but not everybody who visited the site bought something and Nina also wanted emails from the traffic which was only browsing the site. Nina spent a lot of time and marketing money on her inbound traffic and needed a solution to stop her from losing opportunities to collect email addresses from her visitors.

How the SnapSnips™ Registration Form Helped

Nina followed the 3-step instructions to add the registration form onto her website. She enticed visitors to sign up by offering a monthly giveaway competition prize which was a tiny investment in terms of her monthly marketing budget.

Because the registration form offers customized fields, Nina also gathered valuable info about her visitors. In return for entry into the competition, Nina asked:

  • What kind of products would the visitors like to see on the site?
  • How did they hear about her?
  • What age category were the visitors in?

Nina significantly increased the number of contacts on her email list. She used the contact details with the SnapSnips mass emailing service to keep in touch with her customers, announce the competition winners and grow her business.