Your own Virtual Store

There was a time when making your website or blog profitable with an online store was as expensive to implement as it was painful to maintain. Virtual Store immediately transforms your website or blog into a flexible eCommerce space because all that's needed is pasting four lines of code in the right place. Our Virtual Store service will:

  • Save time invested on other online retail solutions with lengthy setups
  • Be easy to install, requiring no server-side changes, regardless of server operating system
  • Keep visitors on your website rather than redirecting them elsewhere
  • Allow integration of your store on any webpage or have it open in a new window
  • Provide simplicity to easily edit, update and manage your products and services
  • Allow customizability via custom Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

The SnapHost Virtual Store is the quickest, most cost effective method of selling products and services online and, to prove it, we'll let you try it out for free for a year.

Send us a Quick Note: This is a new service. We are changing it every day. If you find that something is broken or missing, please let us know right away.
If you don't understand how to use this service please drop us a line. Any notes are welcome, even "This is a complete crap!" or "I am lost!" will do. At least we will know that there is something that you don't like and we need to work more on it.
However if you give us a little bit more details, it will definitely help to improve this product. Example: "Need more info on how to set up mass emailing?"