Ready-To-Use HTML Forms with Anti-spam protection

Here you will find a collection of ready online forms, their description and HTML code.

  • All forms are completely customizable!
  • JavaScript validates required fields; plus there is a verification on the server-side.
  • Captcha image protects the forms against SPAM.
  • Captcha image can be reloaded.
  • There are many styles of Captcha image available.

Direct links to Ready-To-Use HTML Forms

Contact Us form
File Upload form (available to ProCaptcha clients only)
Extended Contact Us form
Credit Card Payment form (available to ProCaptcha clients only)
Guestbook (available to ProCaptcha clients only)
Testimonials (available to ProCaptcha clients only)
Sign Up form
Link Exchange Request form
Newsletter Subscription form
Tell-a-Friend Referral form (available to ProCaptcha clients only)
Employment Application form

Contact Us form

Contact Us form is the most used one. Every website should give visitors an option to contact the site owner via a form.
Get HTML code for the "Contact Us" form

File Upload form

This form allows you to accept files from your customers.
Get HTML code for the "File Upload" form

Extended Contact Us form

This is an extension of our "Contact Us" form. Use it when you need to gather detailed information from your visitor.
Get HTML code for the "Extended Contact Us" form

Credit Card Payment form

This form allows you to accept your customers credit cards online.
Get HTML code for the "Credit Card Payment" form

Ready Anti-spam Guestbook

This is not a regular form, it is a complete Guestbook which can be used on any website and doesn't require any installation on your host server.
Guestbook description :: Guestbook LIVE DEMO

Ready form with a script for collecting and displaying Testimonials

This is a ready-to-use form with a script which collects your customers' testimonials and automatically displays them on your website. You can edit or delete testimonials via a frienly interface.
Testimonials script description :: Testimonials script LIVE DEMO

Sign Up form

If you offer services on your website you most likely need a "Sign Up" form.
Get HTML code for the "Sign Up" form

Link Exchange Request form

The "Link Exchange Request" form is an important tool for any website!
Get HTML code for the "Link Exchange Request" form

Newsletter Subscription form

This form allows your visitors to subscribe to your newsletter.
Get HTML code for the "Newsletter Subscription" form

Tell-a-Friend referral form

This form sends a specified message to the entered email address, so your visitors can refer your website to their friends.
Get HTML code for the "Tell-a-Friend Referral" form

Employment Application form

The "Employment Application" form is an important form for any business!
Get HTML code for the "Employment Application" form

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What is HTML form or Web form?
HTML Forms are used to collect different kinds of user input.
A form is an area that contains form elements. Form elements (text fields, textarea fields, drop-down menus, radio buttons, checkboxes, etc.) are elements that allow the user to enter information into a form. A form is defined with the <form> tag.
What is Form spam?
Form spam is when your HTML form is submitted by a spambot to send spam to the receiver of the form. This is different from Form Hijacking where your form is used to send spam to lots of others. It is also different from Direct Email spam where the spam is sent directly to an email address. Form spam is submitted to and processed by your form processor which then sends it to the form delivery email address. Our ProCaptcha is a form processor which protects HTML forms from Form spam and from Form Hijacking, it protects email addresses from Scan-Bots, it also protects submitted information from interception.